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Safe Indoor Air Monitoring & Logging

Let us automatically record and log your Co2 levels!

The Department of Education building bulletin 101 states that the maximum level of Co2 in the air within a classroom should be no more than 1,500 ppm on an average reading taken across the day.

By using AK Connect Safe Indoor Air Monitoring system we can record and log all of your Co2 sensors connected to your BMS and automatically generate a report at the end of each week or each month. This report is then emailed to your building manager as a pdf.

As part of the monitoring we can also set up an automated alert facility when certain Co2 levels are reached.

Our system works completely independently from your school network to avoid any security conflicts and allows a fast and easy setup.

We can also supply and fit Co2 sensors to your existing system, if required. Please contact us for a survey and quotation.

Effects of Co2 Levels

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Have piece of mind that your plantroom is being monitored for faults and ensure your building is working efficiently.

Automatically record and log your stored hot water temperatures for Legionella reporting.

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