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"When was the last time your BMS was serviced?"

A well-maintained system can reduce energy costs by up to 20%!

As we all know planned maintenance helps minimise problems, but BMS servicing also saves energy by ensuring your system is operating efficiently.

We have found it’s not unusual that plant is serviced and maintained, but the control panel, which is the brains of your plantroom, is forgotten.

At AK Controls we offer flexible plans to maintain your BMS. These include 6 or 12 monthly service visits and additional options for reactive maintenance & hardware replacement cover.

All of our service options include a disaster recovery plan and a backup of your controller(s) strategy is taken at each visit. Should the worse happen we are able to upload the most recent copy of your software and have your plantroom up and running as quickly as possible.

This avoids expensive rebuilding work that would be required if backups are not available.

We also offer our clients an optional remote monitoring facility, which allows us to consistently check your system throughout the year to ensure it is performing to the best of its ability.

Any alarms that are connected to the controller are also monitored and we can login remotely and access the deeper programming of the controller and make changes, which often avoids an engineer needing to visit site.

For unmanaged buildings, we can schedule your calendar for you to ensure that plant is not being used when the building is unoccupied.

If your system has the facility we can log and store all your legionella records securely for you and provide these as a report on a monthly basis.

Why not call us for a free quotation and see how much we can save you! 01202 660061

Or for more information visit or email


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