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Water Save Flushing Unit V2!

We are pleased to announce the release of our new version 2 flushing unit!

​Since the very first model that was launched back in 1985 our original flushing unit has sold in the 1,000's.

​But everything must move forward and we are now rolling out production of the version 2 unit that now offers these great new features:

Water save urinal flushing unit

  • ​Backlit LED display for easy programming

  • Adjustable count down time from activation of the PIR sensor before system fill will begin

  • View the total weekly fills for the current week

  • View total number of fills since the installation

  • Additional flushes can be programmed into the unit by your maintenance team, which helps avoid blockages.

  • If a Breeam valve and solenoid is already installed this can be connected directly to our flushing unit to ensure that water is available for additional flushes.

  • Output available to operate lights

  • Video manual available for end user programming

​Existing solenoid can still be used, so installation is quick, easy & cost effective!

Please visit for more details.

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