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Water Save Flushing Unit V2

New for 2017


We are pleased to announce the release of our new version 2 flushing unit!


​Since the very first model that was launched back in 1985 our original flushing unit has sold in the 1,000's.

​But everything must move forward and we are now rolling out production of the version 2 unit that now offers these great new features:

  • ​Backlit LED display for easy programming

  • Adjustable count down time from activation of the PIR sensor before system fill will begin

  • View the total weekly fills for the current week

  • View total number of fills since the installation

  • Additional flushes can be programmed into the unit by your maintenance team, which helps avoid blockages.

  • If a Breeam valve and solenoid is already installed this can be connected directly to our flushing unit to ensure that water is available for additional flushes.

  • Output available to operate lights

  • Video manual available for end user programming


​Existing solenoid can still be used, so installation is quick, easy & cost effective!


Contact us now for more details & pricing information.


Tutorial Video

Flushing Unit - Original V1



The flushing unit is fitted to urinal cisterns controlling flushes dependent on use rather than continuous flushes on a time cycle. The unit incorporates an infra red motion sensor, water solenoid, control unit and plumbing accessories.


The standard solenoid supplied is a ¼”. This should be sufficient for most installations.



If there is very large water storage as in a multiple cistern system,

or where the water pressure is very low, a ½” valve may be needed.

Each system should be checked prior to installation for requirements.

If the water pressure is very high, the ¼” valve may vibrate when activated. This can normally be cured by reducing the water flow to the valve by partially closing the stop cock or ballofix valve on the feed.


Always install a filter prior to the solenoid to prevent solid particles damaging the valve


Door Contacts

Door contacts may be wired in any twin low voltage cable to suit the site conditions. Spur unit should be installed to provide the supply for the control unit. This should be fitted with a 2 amp fuse. The flex for the solenoid connection can be taken through the control unit at the power supply end or into the spur unit. The earth connection being made directly intop the spur unit.


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