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Included for FREE

  • As we have remote access into the control panel it also means you have free online access to the controls as well! This will allow changes to be made to temperatures, setpoints, overrides & occupancy times (Trend IQ3 and above).


  • We can manage the TREND system for you to ensure you’re getting the most out of its energy management and therefore achieving possible savings of up to 30% on your gas or electric bills.

  • For schools that do not have a site manager we can also manage the calendar to ensure your heating and hot water is not left on during holidays. Simply let us know your term times and we’ll do the rest!

  • If your system has the facility, we are also able to record hot water temperatures for your Legionella records.

    * When combined with new contracts for boiler maintenance & gas safety checks or BMS servicing.


Remote Monitoring

If you could save money and energy, and have peace of mind that your plantroom is being monitored for faults and managed to run efficiently would you be interested?

If your answer is YES then we can provide a solution that means you can achieve all the above and we’ll even provide the data services for FREE!*


How it works.. 

  • If a fault occurs in your plantroom which is monitored by the Trend or similar control system, the alarm notification will come through to our monitoring station.


  • As it stands now you may not be aware of an issue until someone complains. The likely complaints will be no heating or hot water and/or no cooling or ventilation, all of which could cause the school to be closed until the problems are remedied.


  • When we receive the alarm alert we can run a variety of tests remotely as we have direct access to the system.


  • The remote access allows us to monitor and make required changes quickly to avoid disruption.


  • This service also allows us to setup and configure optimum operating parameters to ensure your building is working efficiently.

Why not also visit our other products under the AK Connect Family, which include Safe Water Monitoring & Safe Indoor Air Monitoring.

Automatically record and log your stored hot water temperatures for Legionella reporting.

Automatic logging and reporting of your Co2 levels, emailed directly to your inbox!

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