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"Keeping control of your building & budget..."

At AK Controls, we’re always looking to improve everything that we do to make sure we can offer our BMS solutions with the greatest amount of control and within a realistic budget.

One of our recent projects, completed in March, was at Bere Regis Primary School on behalf of Dorset County Council. This was a very important project for us as it was the first installation of our newly developed system, which concentrates on proving individual control over rooms and finally a user-friendly interface!

Those of you familiar with BMS will understand that having individual control over every room is either not possible or not within the constraints of the budget. Our newly developed system allowed all of this and more to be possible with only a 29% increase in the cost of a far less controllable BMS package.

The installation comprised of 26 space sensors, 8 temperature/co2 sensors, 4 underfloor manifolds, 8 banks of windows and 35 meters all connected back to the Trend BMS panel.

One of the other main areas that we wanted to concentrate on was the end user. In the past BMS was a bit of mystery to the end user and we often found that the end user was not aware of what it did or even how it worked.

BMS Grahics

Therefore, a tremendous amount of time was spent at AK Controls in the development of an easy to use graphical front end that enables the end user to easily have access to room temperature settings, setpoints, co2 levels & time zones. The easy to use interface has already received fantastic feedback from the end users at Bere Regis.

BMS graphical interface

Our interface also includes a real-life layout of the actual plantroom, which helps keep everything familiar with the end user. Really useful information can be seen such as temperatures, flow rates, gas alarm, active & inactive plant, pumps fault codes & more.

To enhance the end user interface even further we have also produced a tutorial video. Take a look at the video now and see how easy it can be to use your new BMS!

Along with the graphical interface we have also installed our own resource monitoring software package that allows the end user to see water, gas & electric meters remotely. The software allows sophisticated analytics of the consumption of all the meters and information can been seen in a graph format and data exported as csv files.

Resource monitoring, energy monitoring

One other recent edition to our resource monitoring software is the financial calculation of the meters consumption. This is now also available to view within the software for budgeting purposes. Take a look at the tutorial video here.

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